20 Years of Pond Building
and Pond Maintenance


20 Years in Business

Fraser Valley Ponds provides professional pond experts in pond building, cleaning and maintenance along with plumbing, filtration, fountains and fish care. We are part of Cambie Water Gardens which has been in business for over 20 years.

Professional Pond Experts

Our pond experts have backgrounds in multiple different fields when is comes to business and construction. We are known as the “Frog Men” of the pond world.

Free Consultation

Feel free to CONTACT US and we will provide a complimentary consultation visit to see your pond and provide a estimate on the services needed for all your pond needs.


Pond Build & Design

We offer you an experience like no other. Starting with our FREE consultation, we provide years of professional service and experience to work one on one with you to build your dream pond or water feature. Whatever you desire from Koi to waterfalls, streams to fountains we build it all.

We also restore old ponds, waterfalls or water features. If you have a feature that you’re wanting upgraded or have a complete renovation Fraser Valley Ponds are your pond professionals.

Pond Maintenance

If you suffer from green water or a dirty slimy pond you are in need of our service. Even is you have a leak either from your pond or waterfall or have pump and plumbing issues we can come out and provide you the services you need to make your pond beautiful again.

Over the years we service 100’s of our clients at least 2 times a year to maintain good pond health.

Depending on your pond and its environment to maintain a healthy pond we suggest a pond cleaning and maintenance 1-2 times a year.




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